Accelerated Orthodontics in Rancho Park, Century City - Los Angeles

Dr. Katz uses accelerated orthodontics to provide the same results you get from traditional orthodontic treatments, but in a shorter time frame. This modern approach to orthodontics works by encouraging new bone growth in your jaw.

When used in combination with teeth straightening systems, such as braces or aligners, accelerated bone growth can help your teeth shift into their ideal positions faster and with less discomfort.

The Alveocentesis technique stimulates tissue and bone remodeling by making small, pinhole-sized perforations in the bones surrounding your teeth. This micro-invasive technique causes an inflammatory response in the treatment site.

As a result, your immune system jumps into action, triggering tissue regeneration in the area. When used in tandem with braces or removable aligner systems, such as Invisalign, the Alveocentesis technique can provide results 50-60% faster than traditional orthodontic techniques on their own.

Who can benefit from accelerated orthodontics

Dr. Katz typically recommends accelerated orthodontics for anyone with healthy bones and permanent teeth. To confirm that you’re a good candidate, Dr. Katz performs a comprehensive dental exam to evaluate your oral and facial functions, examines your face and the interior of your mouth, and takes X-rays to check your bone health.

Additional factors that may make you an ideal candidate for accelerated orthodontics include:

  • Looking for faster results from wearing braces or aligners
  • Wanting to spend less time at the orthodontist
  • Starting a new orthodontic treatment
  • Enhancing your existing orthodontic plan
  • Adults are also great candidates for accelerated orthodontics, because their tissue is usually less active, making tooth movement slower and more painful with traditional methods alone.