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At Katz dental we offer a variety of teeth whitening options to suit your needs.

  • Basic in office whitening:  Includes up to 3 rounds of same day 20 minutelaser whitening sessions iht the dental chair.  97 with custom trays and a ster pack of take home whitening gel 197.
  • Zoom! Whitening Treatment:  Includes up to 3 rounds of same day 15-minute world famous Zoom whitening treatment.  The most effective same day whitening system in existence.  As seen on Extreme Makeover, The Swan and Keepu Up with the Kardashians - 297 ; with custom trays and a star pack of take home whitening gel - 347
  • KOR deep Bleaching System:  Includes high quality impressions, specialKOR whitening trays designed for use with the KOR system only .  In office KOR whitening treatment.  Kor is the most powerful (yet less sensitivity when compared with Zoom) whitening system ever created.  Kor is a deep whitening sytstem, and (with minor maintenance) can last a lifetime - 457 (includes Kor whitening trays and Kor gel)

For more information or a brochure on Whitening please contact our office.

TheraBrite PLUS Toothpaste (3.5 oz.)

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